Magnesium alloy ingots
AZ91D: high strength, good corrosion resistance, light weight, good shielding performance; Mainly used in the case of electrical products, small size thin or heterosexual support, bicycle front fork tube, clutch housing, brake and clutch pedal support, mobile phone, photographic equipment, computer housing, etc. AM50A: high ductility, high impact resistance, light weight, easy to process and low cost;

Magnesium alloy automotive wheel hub
1. Safety, magnesium alloy automotive wheels have high strength, good impact resistance and fatigue resistance; Light mass, reduce the inertia energy, reduce the torque required for driving, fast speed, fast braking; Low temperature dependence, good heat dissipation performance, prolong the service life of tires.

Magnesium aluminum profiles
Dewei shares mainly produce the following models of products: push and pull series: 76 series, 758 series, 7880 series, 78 series, 789 series, 80 series, 828 series, 90 series, 998 series. Heat insulation broken bridge series: 55 series, 70 series, 80 series, 90 series.Various types of square tube, louver, I-shaped aluminum, Angle aluminum, all kinds of wall thickness production together.

Dewei Video
About Us
Henan Dowell Technology Co., Ltd is an enterprise listed on “new three board”, emphasizing on the processing and production of die-casting magnesium alloy, magnesium aluminum alloy sections and magnesium alloy automobile hubs. The stock name is Dowell shares, and the stock code is 833308. The company was established in November 2009, and is located at a national model base of city minerals in Changge city, Henan Province. The company covers an area of 120 thousand square meters, and has a construction area of 55 thousand square meters. The enterprise adopts a pluralistic management strategy, and mainly produces die-casting magnesium alloy, magnesium aluminum alloy sections and magnesium alloy automobile hubs. The die-casting magnesium alloy, magnesium aluminum alloy sections and magnesium alloy automobile hubs manufactured by Dowell completely meet China's development trend towards light........

Henan Dewei Technology Co., Ltd Address: national urban mineral resources demonstration base (changge. Big week) Telephone: 0374-6867577 Website: Email address:

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